Recognizing that the needs of every business are unique, our representatives can collaborate with your financial management team to develop a strategy for managing your delinquent receivable with a plan customized especially for your business.
We also encourage you to take advantage of our experience to evaluate your current in house collection procedure. In many cases, we are able to provide you with practical solutions, which may minimize your need for third party intervention.
We offer We offer a wide variety of collection services and personalized programs to meet your needs. Our programs are designed to improve your cash flow, reduce your collection costs and improve your bottom line.

Contact us for a personal evaluation 1-800-368-7243 or 1-414-228-0900.
A: Our Pre-Collection program is mainly designed for the healthcare professional and can be used in many different ways. The basis of the program is to have FAC, as a third party, send a collection notice to the customer. The purpose of the notice is to elicit a response from your customer before direct collection is needed. FAC manages all incoming mail and telephone calls and after a predetermined time frame, if unpaid, the accounts are placed in direct collection.
Direct Collections:
A: Direct collection is the core of our business. FAC has the flexibility to create individual programs that cater to our clients needs. We have the ability to organize accounts, monitor collector and client performance, follow up on various categories and generate client specific reports. Our goal is to contact the customer by whichever means possible and resolve any issues and recover the amount due in a prompt and professional manner.
Check Recovery:
A: Returned checks can be a very costly item to manage in your business office environment. We have a variety of specialized data resources available to turn your bad paper into cash.
Return Mail:
A: When your statement is returned because of a bad address or a lack of forwarding information, payment of the statement is compromised. Locating debtors can be frustrating and time consuming. We use a variety of skip tracing resources to quickly locate the debtor and verify employment and assets in order to obtain the most recent information and collect the debt.
Second Placement:
A: Many organizations overlook the potential of a progressive management program for delinquent receivables which includes secondary collections. This concept allows you to maximize your delinquent receivable and often enhances the performance of your primary agency. We would welcome the opportunity to manage your second collection process or assist you in the development of a secondary placement program.
Payment Monitoring:
A: Many of our clients have debtors that are on "payment plans" and they simply don't have the time or the resources to monitor them. Federated can monitor the arrangement using follow up notices and telephone calls when necessary. If the customer defaults on the arrangement, direct collection can be used upon the client's approval.
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